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"„Life should be like a field of sunflowers, it should fill you up with light and warmth, should make you laugh and bring sparkles into your eyes! Every sunflower is a sunbeam full of love and joy. Let the sun shine…!” Love & Peace to you all! (August 2014, Lina Nordmeer)"

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  • Hello, my name is Lina Nordmeer, I’m from 1973 and live with my husband and our two little dogs in beautiful Hessen, close to Frankfurt am Main.
    „Summer of Love and a vast field of Sunflowers” is my second novel and at the same time a sort of hommage to the wonderful hippie-era.
    My debut-album „Summer Of Love” was made to accompany my second novel.
    The song „Summer Of Love” from the debut-album of Lina Nordmeer is on YouTube.
    You can download the album at all available online stores or you may order it on CD. Just send an e-mail request to: info@lina-nordmeer.de.
    All lyrics were written by me and you can find them in the novel as well!

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  • Many thanks to Ildiko, for being there for me… Sometimes it feels crazy that what I’m writing will actually happen… There are some certain parallels, you know ?

    Thanks to my wonderful husband for his constant support and for believing in me.

    Thanks to my sister, who has read the manuscript and gave me strength to keep on writing.

    Many thanks to my daughter Lara, who believes in her mom.

    Many thanks to Eva, who gives me a lot of support as a wonderful friend and proofreader.

    Great job also from Katrin Scheiding, who took over the corrections and stood by my side with her precious ideas – just like with my first novel.

    Many thanks to Amely Maacken for the lovely cover and her cooperation.

    Not to forget about dear Tinka Beere for this awesome website – a big thank you!

    Thanks to Hendrik Martz, who allowed me to give him a personal character in my book.

    Thanks to Gunther Pagel, who gave his own personal note to my songs… It was so much fun to sing in your studio!

    Fabulous job from Jürgen Kramp on guitars – thank you!

    Many thanks to all readers who would like to read my novel again and are ready to recommend them further!


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„The summer of love was so wild and free We fell from above – it was all meant to be It felt like eternity Our love lives in you and me A summer made of passion back then as we made love in the warm sand Stars far away were lighting our way Campfires at the sea – so liked it, you and me The summer of love will never leave us, you’ll see We were drawing hearts into the sand dancing on the beach at nights to no end All we felt was love and true bliss a summer of love, of peace and hapiness”


  • With Rebecca nothing seems to go right at the moment. Marriage crushed, kids in puberty, self-despair, no job – and all that just before her 40th birthday. Then the distraction through Nick comes just right in time, who brings her old passion for music back to life again. But Rebecca starts to rediscover her own life not only as a singer-songwriter. She begins to search for the right man to stand by her side as well. Yet it is not the young Nick, the sensitive Benny or the experienced Sebastian who she needs to find happiness, but her own self.

    A road movie through the summer in search of the meaning of life and of self-realisation – with a lot of music.

    The song "Summer Of Love"from the debut-album of Lina Nordmeer is on YouTube.

    The cover-version of the song "Hunting High and Low" by Lina Nordmeer is on YouTube


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„Summer of love, that means freedom Summer of love, we are wild and free Summer of love, celebrate your life Summer of love, time to live your dreams!” (from the lyrics „Summer Of Love”)


    A reporter has followed Morten Harket along his tour through Germany in May and wrote a several-page report about that in the Norwegian magazine "Dagens Naeringsliv", where he also mentioned that my book was given to Morten. A translation will soon be available:


  • 07.2013

    Links to the interview with Pal H. Christiansen : ink on a-ha.com

    Link on Pal H. Christiansen’s blog

  • 05.2013

    Dear a-ha-Fans and readers of my novel, have a look here on a-ha.com , where you can find a link of my website and to my novel: click here:

    Enjoy it, Lina

  • 06.2014

    I recorded a cover to the Song "Brother" by Morten Harket with Morgann, an artist and singer from Lausanne in Switzerland and Markus Elmar Ferner, the keyboardist of the a-ha coverband Manhattan Skyline. It was a lot of fun and I felt honoured . Have fun while listening, Lina ;-) click here


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"It’s never to late to live your dreams!"

  • Move to Oslo

    In e-book format download here:

    Price: EUR 2,49

    Format: eBook
    Data size: 443 KB
    Publisher: Lina Nordmeer; Edition: 1 (17.May 2012)
    Sold by: &xnbsp;Amazon Media EU S.Ã&xnbsp; r.l.
    Language: German
    ASIN: B0084FNLNQ


    For a printed paperback edition use the following link:

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    (free shipping in Germany)

    Paperback: 254 pages
    Publisher: CreateSpace (1. May 2012)
    Language: German
    ISBN-10: 1477518673
    ISBN-13: 978-1477518670


    This is the English paperback edition:

    Price: EUR 8,55

    Paperback: 216 Pages
    Publisher: CreateSpace (1. Mai 2012)
    Language: English
    ISBN-10: 1477561919
    ISBN-13: 978-1477561911


    In e-book format download here:

    Price: EUR 2,49

    Paperback: 254 pages
    Publisher: Neobooks (1. Mai 2012)
    Language: Language: German
    ISBN-10: 1477518673
    ISBN-13: 978-1477518670


    For a printed paperback edition use the following link:

    Price: EUR 8,17

    (free shipping in Germany)

    Paperback: 254 pages
    Publisher: CreateSpace (1. May 2012)
    Language: German
    ISBN-10: 1477518673
    ISBN-13: 978-1477518670

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    My album is also available on demand in CD format for 10,00 EUR - just send an e-mail to: info@lina-nordmeer.de Available as download at any online store

    CD price: EUR 10,00

    (shipping only in Germany)

    Download price: EUR 5,99


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You are welcome to write me or to order a CD. I’m looking forward to your messages!


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